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Best Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the casino games the most popular in the world. This game, also known as the 'Twenty-And-A is especially appreciated for its concept: it is not just a game of chance, it is also a game of strategy. Everything will depend on the player's experience and knowledge about the game. The goal blackjack The goal of a player in the game of blackjack is to beat the bank: do not pay attention to other players at the same table with you, their cards are not important to your game as you play against the casino dealer. The more points a player can get is 21 and it is important not to exceed this number of points to avoid losing. So the aim of the game is to get more points than the dealer without going over the 21. value cards at blackjack color cards does not matter, what matters is the value of the cards. The values of the cards in blackjack are: Ace - can count to 11 or 1, depending on what best suits the player King, Queen, Jack - account for 10 points 2-10 - have their face value: 8 account for 8 points, 7 for 7 points etc. A hand 'soft' is a hand that contains an ace: the player can choose the value of the Ace (1 or 11) Blackjack, what is it exactly. The best hand to win at blackjack is a hand of 21 points, which is called blackjack. In fact, it is the sum of a card of 10 points (10, jack, queen, king) and an ace counts for 11 points. Another hand which recognizes 21 points but consists of other cards is not a blackjack, it's just a 21. Game starts So how to play blackjack? First you must bet: all bets are before the cards are dealt to the players and the dealer. Then the dealer deals two cards to all players: one card is dealt face down, one face up. When the players and the dealer have their cards and can view their total points, the player can use one of the following options: Pull - that means you want to take one more card to improve the score of your hand and is closer to 21 points.

The dealer then deals a card face up in the player who chose that option. Remain - 'I stay' means that you do not want to draw any cards, because your initial two cards are enough to win or you might get if you pull in one more. Split - when the initial card of a player are of the same value (eg two 10 or two kings), he may ask to separate them into two hands. In this case, the dealer gives two additional cards (one for each hand) and the player continues to play with both hands dealt. He first played the first hand, until there are or so, then it plays the second hand. When you make a split, your original bet is to be doubled.

Doublers - if, after receiving the cards, the player is sure to beat the dealer's hand he can ask to double: his initial wager is then doubled and the player receives a third card and final card. Tip: you can always double with 11 points if the dealer does not have (also 11 points); you can also double with 9 points or 10 if the dealer does not have 10. Assurance - This option allows the player to protect against loss. If the dealer's first card is an ace, the player can bet on his blackjack. This update must be equal to the original bet to protect against loss. If the dealer makes blackjack, the player receives assurance duplicate, or 1: 1, if the dealer does not blackjack, the player gets the equivalent of the ante or 2: 1. However, from blackjack strategy, it is not very interesting to take the insurance.

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