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Online Blackjack Strategy

A good experienced blackjack player will always tell you that it is very useful to know and apply the basic strategy of blackjack: there are things that must be learned, remembered and used by all players at blackjack, s' he / she wants to win this noble card game. basic strategy of blackjack is in the form of a table that has been developed and described by mathematicians. The table indicates that at certain times of the game blackjack, the player must take a very specific decision: hitting, standing, doubling etc. Using such a system, you can actually reduce the chances of the dealer to win or at least reduce the house edge to 1% or more.

Read the next section presents the picture of the basic strategy of blackjack: it is very easy to use and you can also print to be used at your leisure at home. All you have to do is find your combination of cards and the dealer and follow the best advice for such a situation. Blackjack Basic Strategy: hands 'hard' In fact, what is a hand 'hard 'I need regular. This is a two-card hand where did not account for 11 points, if that hand could do a 'bust'. In fact, most of the hands are dealt by the dealer hands 'hard' and the first goal of the player is to know how to use properly.

You have 8 points or less, you still need to PULL You 9-11 points is the best combination for DOUBLE. You have 12 points or more, it is best to KEEP if the dealer's card is . weak You have 15-16 points stop if the dealer's card is a 10 or an ace. You have 17 points or more, you should always STAY. Blackjack Basic Strategy: hands 'soft' Hand 'soft is a hand that contains an ace that counts as 11 points without the risk of a 'bust': it is called "soft" because you're never going to get away with such a hand and always ask for another card. If TIRE player with one hand 'soft', it can either remain 'soft' (depending on points you assign to Ace, 1 or 11) or become a main 'hard'. If your hand becomes a hand 'hard' is the strategy for the 'hards' who must apply.

Example: You have a hand consisting of an Ace and a 7, giving you a hand 'soft' 18 points. You pull another card which is also July 1. Now you have a hand 'hard' 15 points: 7 + 7 + 1 = 15 (Ace then counts for 1 point, if you go). So, now your hand is a so-called 'hard' and you must follow the strategy for the 'hard' hands hand. Blackjack Basic Strategy: pairs When a player has two cards of the same value (eg 7 + 7 or 9 9), it can be separated into two hands (split). Such hands are called hands pairs (Kings, Queens and Jacks can also be separated, although some casinos do not allow this action). All pairs must be separated, except for 5 pairs. There is a little confusion for pairs of 8 according to the strategy table, always separate them unless the dealer has an Ace If the map. dealer is stronger, so it's better to stay on the pair of 8 However, no matter it is the dealer's card, the player can always separate the pair of 8 and continue playing.

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